Alex is a highly experienced writer, producer, director & edit producer, happily crossing back and forth between glossy high-end specialist factual shows and fun, engaging and entertaining features programming – 1×60 / 1×120 / 4×60 / 6×60

Clients: BBC 1 & 2, ITV 1, Channels 4 & 5, UKTV, Discovery, Discovery Science, National Geographic Television, National Geographic Channels International, Smithsonian, PBS/Nova, History US & Canada, ZDF, SBS, eOne.

Experience: Alex is highly experienced at setting-up & handling ambitious series, on both domestic & international platforms. He’s made shows that cover everything from history/forensic science [Mummies Alive: Multiple broadcasters] to entertaining factual [Flying Across Britain with Arthur Williams: Channel 4]. His broad experience also includes large drama-recon shoots [WWII’s Most Daring Raids: Smithsonian / UFO’s The Secret Evidence: Channel 4]. Highly experienced with specialist multi-camera set-ups. CGI/graphics – Planning, storyboarding and liaising with FX houses.

Alex is also equally at home edit producing…shaping mainstream features programming like Channel 4’s Sarah Beeny’s Four Rooms and The Secrets of the National Trust, presented by Alan Titchmarsh, for Channel 5. He has great visual flair on location and in the edit and is an accomplished writer in both pre and post production.

In a nutshell: Alex has a strong track-record in producing, directing & edit producing high-end mainstream factual/features programming. Drama reconstruction. Visually driven. Highly experienced in working with CGI. Excellent people skills. Formatting mainstream features programming. First-rate story-telling skills. Scripting – pre & post production. Story-boarding.

Alex CV