July 2019

Alex begins at Windfall Films series developing for Discovery Channel’s Rise of the Machines…series 3.

March 2019

Alex starts producing & directing an episode for Nat Geo’s high-rating show, Drain the Oceans.  Shot on location in Argentina, Uruguay & Norway…the show dives the depths and uses high-end CG animation to uncover the mysteries behind Hitler’s warship strike force.

March 2017

Alex begins writing, producing and directing a major primetime series for Channel 4.  Flying Across Britain with Arthur Wiliams follows the pilot and presenter as he takes a stunning aerial tour across the UK…flying into some quintessentially British airfields and meeting the people who are as ‘nuts’ about flying as he is.

September 2016

Alex begins edit producing a major 6-part series for Channel 5, presented by Alan Titchmarsh.  With exclusive access to the National Trust, Alan explores the stories behind some of the UK’s most treasured heritage sites. Along the way, he’s helped with a host of celebrities that include Jon Culshaw, Anneka Rice and Oz Clarke.

February 2016

Alex starts edit producing Channel 4’s peak-time factual entertainment show, Sarah Beeny’s 4 Rooms.  From rare Japanese art to official Star Trek memorabilia, expectant sellers meet four dealers in Four Rooms in a game of strategy, bidding and holding out for the best price.

May 2015

Alex is series-directing a major 6-part series exploring some of WWII’s Most Daring Raids.  Using drama, pyrotechnics, gaming technology and personal testimony, each battle is forensically examined.

April 2014

Alex will be writing, directing and producing 2×60’ minute films for Mummies Alive! [part of a 6-part series] at Impossible Pictures.  Frozen in time and scattered around the world, messengers from the past have been preserved for centuries.  These mummified people died in battle, by torture, in honour or disgrace as kings, holy sacrifices and murder victims. Now, hundreds of years after they drew their last breaths, we will bring the world’s best-preserved mummies back to life with exquisite animation.

Made for multiple broadcasters, Mummies Alive! will transport us across the gulf of time as we piece together the details of their enthralling lives and enter their lost worlds through hyper-real CGI.

February – March 2014

Alex begins edit producing Channel 4’s RTS award winning Factual Entertainment series Four Rooms.

July 2013

Alex begins producing and directing a film for the BBC’s flagship science strand; Horizon.  For the next 6 months he will be going behind-the-scenes with NASA as they take the first steps in planning to send humans to Mars

The Last Voyage of the Lucette

51MYVTR5WXL._SL500_AA300_Alex has signed an exclusive 2 year book option agreement with author Douglas Robertson’s thrilling real-life family survival story The Last Voyage of the Lucette. While on a round-the-world sailing trip a marauding ‘pod’ of killer whales attacks their 60 foot schooner. They hole and sink the craft… leaving the family stranded in the middle of the Pacific with little water and food. The adventure of a lifetime has turned into a nightmare as they fight for their lives… It becomes a question of Surviving Lucette.